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Level 1

3 Days

Class Fees
1 Student $945
2 Students $1645
3 Students $2145
4+ Students Call

Note: Maximum class size at our Atlanta classroom is two students, though in most cases if you are the only one to sign up from your organization, you will be the only student. There is no extra charge for 1-on-1 training and no classes are cancelled. Three or more students must train on-site at their place of business. For more information, please read about our class sizes.

Note on Fees:  Multiple student discounts are for multiple students from one organization.

Class Times
Classes can be held at any time per the customer's schedule, but unless arranged otherwise, classes run from 9 AM to 5 PM each day, with an hour for lunch.

Art=Visual's Premiere Pro Level 1 course is was created for those who are completely new to the software, have limited knowledge of the software, or are Final Cut, Avid, etc. users who are converting to Premiere Pro. The course covers the minimum requirements needed to use Premiere Pro to edit a basic video production. 

None, though it is highly advisable that a student at least try to use the software prior to class.  Students with some experience retain information much better than students who have never opened the software.

After completing this course a student will be able to
• Create a new Premiere Pro project
• Import video, audio, and graphics
• Set In- and Out-points on video clips
• Use the editing tools
• Work with Transitions
• Control audio levels
• Create titles
• Work with video effects
• Manipulate time
• Match music and sound effect to video events with Clip and Track Markers
• Output your project to various file formats

Class materials
Adobe's Premiere Pro Classroom In A Book is used for the class.

Course Outline

Lesson 1:  Premiere Pro Workspace
• Panels and Tools
• Customizing the workspace

• Preferences
• Sync settings to the Adobe Cloud

Lesson 2: Setting Up a New Premiere Pro Project
• Mercury Playback Engine
• General and Scratch Disk Settings
• Creating a proper project Sequence
• Revising project settings after a project is created

Lesson 3:  Importing Video and Graphics
• Using the Import command to import files
• Using the Media Browser to import files
• Importing video clips
• Importing graphics

Lesson 4: Organizing Media
• The Project Panel features
• Managing Metadata
• Organizing clips into bins
• Source Monitor features

Lesson 5: Essentials of Video Editing
• Setting In and Out points on clips
• The Timeline Panel features
• Targeting source and timeline tracks
• Insert and Overwrite edits
• Storyboard editing

Lesson 6: Working with Clips and Markers
• Program Monitor features
• Timeline markers
• Clip markers
• Track lock vs. Sync Lock
• Selecting, moving, and rearranging clips in the Timeline

Lesson 7: Transitions
• Categories of Video Transitions
• Relevance of Handles
• Applying video transitions
• Controlling transitions in the Effects Control Palette
• Transition options
• Audio Transitions

Lesson 8: Advanced Editing Techniques
• Fast, slow, and reverse motion
• Replacing clips already in the Timeline
• Editing with the Selection Tool
• Ripple Edit Tool
• Rolling Edit Tool
• Slip and Slide Tools
• Editing with the Trim Monitor

Lesson 9: Animation Basics
• Static position changes
• Animating position and scale
• Animating rotation
• Ease

Lesson 10: Rendering and Real Time Video Previews
• What is rendering?
• What is "real time?"
• How and when to render video previews
• Creation and storage of rendered clips
• Rendered clip management

Lesson 11: Basics of Audio
• Types of Audio Tracks
• Controlling clip volume
• Controling track volume

Lesson 12: Adding Video Effects
• Accelerated, 32 Bit, and YUV effects
• Applying and removing effects from a clip
• Adjustment Layers
• Copying and Pasting Effects to multiple clips

Lesson 13: Titles
• Essential Graphics Panel
• Typography
• Creating a still title
• Using Styles
• Creating shapes
• Adding graphics to a title
• Credit rolls
• Templates

Lesson 14:  Output and Media Encoder
• Exporting a still image
• Export Settings
• Exporting a Master Copy of your video
• Video codecs and formats
• Adobe Media Encoder

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