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ACI Photoshop CS6
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Adobe Certified ExpertPhotoshop CC
Level 1

2 Days

Class Fees
1 Student $745
2 Students $1245
3 Students $1495
4+ Students Call

Note: Maximum class size at our Atlanta classroom is two students, though in most cases if you are the only one to sign up from your organization, you will be the only student. There is no extra charge for 1-on-1 training and no classes are cancelled. Three or more students must train on-site at their place of business. For more information, please read about our class sizes.

Note on Fees:  Multiple student discounts are for multiple students from one organization.

Class Times
Classes can be held at any time per the customer's schedule, but unless arranged otherwise, classes run from 9 AM to 5 PM each day, with an hour for lunch.

Art=Visual's Photoshop Level 1 course is a two day course that focuses on basic photo retouching and compositing. The course is designed for those who are completely new to the software or who have limited knowledge of the software.  Topics covered in this course are relevant to photographers.

None, though it is highly advisable that a student at least try to use the software prior to class.  Students with some experience retain information much better than students who have never opened the software.

After completing this course a student will be able to
• Crop and straighten images
• Adjust exposure and correct for color casts
• Touch-up photographs of people and products
• Remove unwanted elements from a photo and other alterations
• Understand how to analyze resolution and prepare photos for print and web
• Make compositions from multiple photos
• Save selections as Alpha Channels for future reuse
• Save files in various formats

Class materials
Steve uses his own photographs and written materials for the class, but also provides student's with their own copy of Adobe's Classroom in a Book.

Art=Visual classes have plenty of hands-on practices that allow students to create real world art and compositions.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Photoshop Workspace
• The Toolbox and Panels
• Arranging and customizing the workspace
• Document Navigation
• Opening files with Mini Bridge
• Rulers and Guides
• Setting Program Preferences
• Migrating/Importing Presets from previous Photoshop versions

Lesson 2:  Resolution
• Analyzing resolution and image size
• Enlarging and Reducing image size
• Resolution parameters for print and web graphics

Lesson 3: History
• Undo/Redo and Revert commands
• Importance of history
• History Panel
• Non Linear History

Lesson 4: Modifying Existing Image Canvas
• Rotating and Flipping
• Cropping
• Trimming 
• Straightening 
• Modifying a canvas size

Lesson 5: Creating a Blank Canvas
• Creating a new canvas
• Choosing a color mode
• Saving document characteristics as a Pre-set

Lesson 6: Layer Basics
• Layers Panel and options
• Selecting, moving, aligning, and resizing layers
• Creating compositions from multiple photos
• Saving layered documents

Lesson 7: Correcting Exposure
• Adjustment layers 
• The correct way to read a Histogram
• Levels
• Shadow/Highlight

Lesson 8:  Correcting Color
• Correcting for color casts
• Hue and Saturation
• Vibrance
• Colorizing an image

Lesson 9: Image Manipulation Tools
• Importance of Soft Brushes with manipulation tools
• Burn and Dodge Tools
• Saturate/Desaturate Tools
• Healing Brush
• Patch Tool
• Spot Healing Brush
• Red Eye Removal Tool
• Clone Stamp Tool
• Content Aware Fill
• Content Aware Move

Lesson 10: Selections
• Reasons for making selections
• Adding and deleting from selections
• Marquee Tools
• Magic Wand and Quick Selection Tools  
• Polygonal Lasso and Magnetic Lasso Tools
• Selection touch-up with the Lasso Tool

Lesson 11: Alpha Channels and Creating Compositions
• Saving selections as Alpha Channels for future use
• Contracting and Featuring Selections for ultimate realism
• Creating compositions from elements of multiple photos
• The Eraser Tool

Lesson 12: Saving Files
• Choosing a File Type
• Saving JPEGs, TIFFs, and PSDs

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