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Premiere Pro

"I wanted to thank you so much for the great program and your patience.  I am very, very excited.  I finally had time today to address one of the product data sheets that I absolutely could not manage to update prior to training. I was able (within 20 minutes) to make every single document update/change that I had previously spent weeks.  I cannot thank you enough. I will certainly run across things that will stump me.  However, I already know beyond a shadow of a doubt that gaining a working (albeit beginner-level) knowledge of InDesign will significantly improve my work situation and allow me to regain some level of sanity."
Laura W.
Optical Fiber Solutions

Why choose Art=Visual for your Adobe Software Training?

• All classes taught by Adobe Authorized Instructor Steve Markos
• Adobe Software training since 2005
• Software training on your schedule—you pick the class dates
• Train on-site nationwide, at our Atlanta classroom or your office
• Group discounts
• Maximum of 2 students for classes held at our Atlanta classroom
• One-on-One training at no additional cost—do NOT underestimate
   the value of one-on-one training.

• Free, post-course software support for any topic covered in the

About Art=VisuaL

Adobe Authorized Instructor Steve Markos had been treaching Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Pro classes since 2005 and teaches only Adobe products that he uses on a regular basis as part of his work as a photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. This allows him to give real world advice to the students, something that could not be done by teaching Adobe software products that are not part of his normal business activities.

What sets Art=Visual training apart from the rest

  1. Small Class Size | Classes taken at our Atlanta classroom are limited to just two students.  On-site training is limited to just students from the corporate group. Their is no extra cost for one-on-one training. In comparison, classes at software training centers and at the local college may have ten or more students. Do not underestimate the value of one-on-one training, especially if you are not a software wiz.  A one-on-one class is worth ten times the price of a class with many students, all of whom are at different levels on the learning curve.

  2. No Classes Cancelled | Unlike other training centers that will cancel a class at the last minute if not enough students enroll (usually at least 3), Art=Visual never cancels a class due to only one or two students enrolling. If you are the only student signed up, then you will be the only student in the class.  Art=Visual has trained countless students whose classes at other training centers were cancelled on them at the last minute due to low enrollment.  Many of these students were from out-of-town and held a non-cancellable airline ticket.

  3. No Waiting to Start Training | With Art=Visual you do not have to wait until the next scheduled class to start training. Classes are taught as soon as the client wants to begin, provided the instructor is not already booked. Weekend and off-hour training is available as well at no extra cost. All you have to do to schedule training is call Art=Visual and work out the dates.

  4. We teach our outline | We guarantee that we will teach all of the subjects on our course outline, even if we have to stay extra hours or, if in the Atlanta area, return for an additional day...all at no extra cost. If it takes longer for some students to understand the subject matter, no problem. No one is left behind! Other training centers post outlines with way more topics that can ever be effectively covered in the allotted time.  Unfortunately, you can't know for sure until after the class has ended.

  5. On-site training at no extra cost | Art=Visual will send an instructor to your office at no additional cost to course fees. Reasonable travel expenses that are agreed upon in advanced will be the only additional costs to the client.

  6. Free, Post-course Support | Students are free to contact Art=Visual by phone or email about questions they may have once they return to work and begin a project, as long as the skill was covered in class. In most cases we can step you through the solution over the phone or send you detailed instructions by email. 

  7. Two Way Monitoring of Student Work (our classroom or up to two people at your office) | Student computers are equipped with dual monitor graphics cards and a second monitor that allows the instructor to monitor the student's work.  This is an enormous asset for both the student and instructor.  The instructor can immediately see if the student is confused by the tasks and can quickly guide him/her in the right direction.  This is also a big time saver, as the instructor does not have to constantly get up and walk around to the student's workstation to see what the problem is. This two way monitoring system is not available in any other training facilities.