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ACI Photoshop CS6
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InDesign Certified ExpertInDesign CC
Level 2
for Print projects

2 Days

Class Fees
1 Student $745
2 Students $1245
3 Students $1495
4+ Students Call

Note: Maximum class size at our Atlanta classroom is two students, though in most cases if you are the only one to sign up from your organization, you will be the only student. There is no extra charge for 1-on-1 training and no classes are cancelled. Three or more students must train on-site at their place of business. For more information, please read about our class sizes.

Note on Fees:  Multiple student discounts are for multiple students from one organization.

Class Times
Classes can be held at any time per the customer's schedule, but unless arranged otherwise, classes run from 9 AM to 5 PM each day, with an hour for lunch.

Art=Visual's InDesign Level 2 for Print Projects course is designed to teach the advanced features of InDesign that allow students to add further creativity to any project, save time, and meet very specific needs of his/her work environment. The Level 2 course would be well suited for those working in the Publishing or Graphic Design industry, particularly those working on books and manuals. 

Attended Art=Visual's InDesign Level 1 for Print Projects course.

After completing this course a student will be able to
• Work with advanced Text options
• Draw shapes and paths
• Save time with Libraries
• Create a table
• Create Table of Contents and Footnotes
• Create one document from multiple InDesign documents
• Re-purpose content into various layouts within one InDesign document
• Utilize image alpha channels and clipping paths in InDesign projects
• Manipulate transparency

Class materials
Steve uses an actual issue of a national magazine and other written materials for the class. For students who did not take the Level 1 course, Art=Visual also provides them with their own copy of Adobe Indesign Digital Classroom by Christopher Smith to use as a reference manual.

Art=Visual classes have plenty of hands-on practices that allow students to create real world art and compositions.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Advanced Layout
• Customizing keyboard shortcuts
• Advanced Master Page Override options
• Creating and Editing Templates

Lesson 2: Long Document Organization
• Table of Contents
• Creating Books from multiple InDesign documents

• Chapter Markers
• Footnotes
• Indexing a document
• Smart Text Reflow

Lesson 3:  Re-purposing Content
• Multiple Page Sizes in one document
• Alternate Layouts
• Liquid Layouts
• Linked Content

Lesson 4: Advanced Object Options
• Pen Tool basics
• Altering object frame shapes
• Text on a Path
• Making compound paths
• Converting shapes to other shapes

Lesson 5: Transparency and Blend Modes
• Basic Transparency manipulation
• Blend Modes
• Knockouts
• Isolating blending

Lesson 6: Advanced Graphic Options
• Display performance
• Setting Universal Frame Fitting Option
• Live Distribute
• Custom Frame Shapes
• Colorizing grayscale images
• Importing PSD Layered files
• Live captions
• Using clipping paths and alpha channels
• Importing multi-page PDFs
• In-line and Anchored Objects

Lesson 7: Libraries
• Creating and using Library Items

Lesson 8: Object Styles
• Creating and using Object Styles

Lesson 9:  Typography
• Small Caps consideration
• Ligatures and Open Type Fonts
• Special Characters
• Glyphs Palette

Lesson 10: Advanced Text Options
• Custom text frame shapes
• Find/Replace text using styles
• Style Mapping for MS Word files
• Creating a "Continued on.." and "Continued from.." page
• Cross References
• Section markers and prefixes
• Conditional Text
• GREP styles
• Creating Text Outlines
• Filling Text Outlines with graphics
• The Story Palette
• Baseline Grid
• Text Variables
• Data Merge

Lesson 11: Tables
• Creating a new table from scratch
• Creating a table from existing text
• The Table Panel
• Modifying Table structure
• Headers and Footers
• Table Options
• Cell Options
• Table Styles

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