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Level 1
for Print Projects

3 Days

Class Fees
1 Student $945
2 Students $1645
3 Students $2145
4+ Students Call

Note: Maximum class size at our Atlanta classroom is two students, though in most cases if you are the only one to sign up from your organization, you will be the only student. There is no extra charge for 1-on-1 training and no classes are cancelled. Three or more students must train on-site at their place of business. For more information, please read about our class sizes.

Note on Fees:  Multiple student discounts are for multiple students from one organization.

Class Times
Classes can be held at any time per the customer's schedule, but unless arranged otherwise, classes run from 9 AM to 5 PM each day, with an hour for lunch.

Art=Visual's InDesign Level 1 for Print Projects course is for those who are completely new to the software, have limited knowledge of the software, or are PageMaker or Quark users converting to InDesign. The course was designed by Steve Markos and is based on his experience as a graphic design and Art Director of a nationally distributed magazine. The course covers what Steve feels are the ESSENTIALS needed to use InDesign on a competent level, allowing designers to return to work with confidence to get basic jobs done. Students completing this course will be able to create advertisements, flyers, newsletters, magazines, and brochures.

We are often asked why our Level 1 class is a 3-day class while everyone else offers a 2-day class. A 2-day InDesign class breezes through the essentials and does not give students adequate time to practice what they learn. In our 3-day class, students learn by laying out parts of an actual magazine, and thus they have multiple chances to practice every day techniques so that they have better retention of the essential skills.

None, though it is highly advisable that a student at least try to use the software prior to class.  Students with some experience retain information much better than students who have never opened the software.

After completing this course a student will be able to
• Create new InDesign projects
• Import text and graphics
• Create solid and spot colors
• Understand advanced typography terms and features
• Work with Master Pages
• Save time with Paragraph and Character styles
• Ready a project for print and PDF export.

Class materials
Steve uses an actual magazine and other written materials for the class, but also provides student's with their own copy of Adobe Indesign Digital Classroom by Christopher Smith to use as a reference manual.

Art=Visual classes have plenty of hands-on practices that allow students to create real world art and compositions.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: InDesign Workspace
• Tool Box
• Panels and Panel menus
• Customizing the workspace
• Document navigation
• Presentation Mode

Lesson: 2 Setting Up a New Document
• Program and document preferences
• Creating a new document
• Slugs and Bleeds
• Rulers

Lesson 3: Modifying Your New Document
• Modifying Bleeds, Page Size, and Page Structure
• Adding Column Guides
• Adding, deleting, and arranging pages
• Layers Panel

Lesson 4: Master Pages
• Page Numbering
• Creating, Editing, and Applying Master Pages
• Master Page Overrides

Lesson 5: Graphics
• Vector vs. Bitmap graphics
• CMYK vs. RGB graphics
• Links Panel and Resolution
• Placing graphics into a document
• Placing multiple graphics into a grid
• Resizing and Rotating graphics
• Frame Fitting options
• Adding Illustrator graphics
• Adding PDFs
• Live Corner Options
• Object stroke and fill
• Text Wrap
• Aligning graphics 
• Adding Ruler Guides
• Relinking missing graphics
• Editing and updating graphics

Lesson 6: Creating Objects
• Object fill and stroke colors
• Shape Tools—Rectangle, Oval, and Lines
• Stroke options
• Grouping objects
• Object effects

Lesson 7: Adding Text
• Character and Paragraph panels
• Adding text 
• Text stroke and fill colors
• Text Frame Options
• Create paragraphs that span multiple columns
• Text Effects
• Import options for MS Word documents
• Paragraph and Character styles
• Text Wrap on text boxes
• Dealing with missing fonts
• Flowing and Threading text
• Word and Character count

Lesson 8: Color
• CMYK, RGB, and Spot Colors Definitions
• Swatches Panel
• Creating a solid color swatch
• Creating a Gradient
• Creating a Tint
• Creating a Spot Color
• Using the Eyedropper to create colors
• Converting Spot and RGB colors to CMYK
• Editing and Replacing colors
• Creating a Color Library

Lesson 9: Preparing for Output for Print
• Spell Checking
• Find/Replace
• Story Editor
• Preflight and Preflight Panel
• Packaging
• Export to PDF

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